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Laser Acu-Laser

Modern technology has combined with 4,000 years of Chinese medicine to create a breakthrough in healing. Without penetrating the skin, Acu-Laser is more effective than acupuncture in the treatment of various disorders such as headaches, neck pain, low back pain, fibromyalgia, TMJ pain, bursitis, arthritis and joint pain. The Acu-Laser is a Super Pulsed laser which emits the most healing laser frequency (905mm).

to view a video of the TerraQuant Acu-Laser go to Youtube and enter: teraQuant Laser.

The Acu-Laser tip is applied to the appropriate acupuncture points. A laser beam is emitted to the acupuncture point and penetrates the body to a depth of up to two inches. Not only does the laser stimulate the acupuncture point, but it delivers a healing and therapeutic frequency of laser light to the underlying tissues. Low level laser does not cut or burn. It cannot damage tissue. In fact, the use of low level laser has proven to decrease inflammation and promote healing. It is now being used by many therapists all over the world to reduce inflammation and to increase the speed of healing. It is used by NBA teams and olympic trainers.

With low level laser it is impossible to damage tissue and there are never any side-effects other than decreased pain and increased health.

The Teraquant "cold" laser device is a class 3 laser. It is completely safe and unlike the "hot" Class 4 laser, there is never a danger of burning skin or causing eye damage.